Dual Shower systems.

Dual Shower Is So Fantastic!

So far we have seen rain showerheads and the hand showers, designer Thomas Baker wants to give you the benefit of both for a wholesome shower experience. The idea is to have the overhead shower going while you detach the hand shower (encased in the overhead) and take the benefits of both the streams. This is the Unum Rain Shower and Hand Shower, simplified for you folks. I’d be first in line to experiment it and see if the rain-pressure and flow holds good while you use the hand one. No doubt there will be some difference in impact, but it will be worth the try.

Designer: Thomas Baker


You can achieve the mosaic tile effect with the ReBath Durabath wall system.

Bathroom year 2020..

Want a Bath, Spa, and Jacuzzi but Got No Space

 I’m not going to poo-poo my apartment because I actually have a nice bathroom but am no where near sporting a bath, spa, and jacuzzi all in one unit. Have you seen the size of those tubs? They’re HUGE. Designer Dominik Chojnacki must understand my pain because his SPAcer is a movable Spa bath that can fold up against the wall to save floor space. Nevermind that it looks like an Orca turned upside down, Dominik claims the shape was inspired by two rain drops.

Designer: Dominik Chojnacki

Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2008/09/15/i-want-a-bath-spa-and-jacuzzi-but-got-no-space/#x4T4bV2hwcSiTgO7.99